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How Teens can Discover Their Abilities, By Joshua Okezikam

2:22:00 PM

We are not going to be considering scriptural characters like Samson; Jephthah, David and the rest of them that discovered their abilities at a very early stage of their lives. Rather we are going to be considering our little friend who has not been regarded for a very long while now, “THE SPIDER”.

Spiders are arachnids and they are biologically classified as arachnids just like the scorpions. They live or dwell on their self built web. Indubitably their web are so sticky that any insect either creeping or flying that comes in contact with the spider’s web gets stuck to it, hence the topical questions remain: why is it that the spider never gets stuck to its web? Scientists have discovered that a spider has an oily substance which it liberates from its body to its feet, and this substance makes it easier for it to glide and slide through its web. Hope you aren’t surprised? In like manner God expects each and every one o f us to discover and utilize the abilities He has endowed in us, which we might need to survive. 

Your abilities are not defined in what you do or attempt doing while coping others. It is not what every living individuals can do without stress. Most persons claim that they have discovered their abilities on the ground that they can pray for 13 consecutive hours; fast for forty days and so many others. Those are not the kind of abilities we are talking about.

Your abilities make you unique, exceptional and highly sought after. It is peculiar to you alone.
Your ability is defined in self discovery, purpose and talent. Indeed, it is self discovery that enlists you for life. You can exist without being useful to the society. For instance, If it is recorded or discovered that Wole Soyinka does not have a car or a building of his own, will you still recognize him as a great man? Yes! That implies that greatness is not defined in amassing wealth. Wole Soyinka has a license to create words for the dictionary and he equally contributes to the society in a definite way. Little wonder, Myles Monroe said there is a gold and a diamond mine inside of every teenager. Just discover it.

In addition, it Is very expedient that teenagers learn how to offer solutions with their abilities. Discover ways other people can depend on you to proffer solutions to their problems. Again, find a mentor to direct you, above all, learn how to avoid procrastination.

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nice one kingjosh. Its high time we leave our confort zone and unleash our latent power


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