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Interview: David Onuoha Shares Secret on How to Become a Bestselling Author.

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Hi, Today, we are hanging out with David Onuoha the African's famous author. keep reading as he tells his story and secrets of bestselling books.
TVTMagazine: Please can you summarize your life in three minutes, tell us about formative decisions that influenced who you are in person, also the three most remarkable things you have done in life?
David Onuoha
David Onuoha: My mother had a very big influence in my life; I don’t know why great men would always attribute their greatness to their mother. My mother was very instrumental in who I am today, because of the principles she taught me when I was small; I never had the opportunity to roam the streets like other kids. My mother was a petty trader; I would go to the shop to help her after school. She impacted so much wisdom into me which I choose to call the wisdom of an ant. She would give instructions and see to it that they are carried out by me. So from that time I began to have focus for my life. There were times we told her we wanted to visit her own people were she was born. She would always respond, ”visiting people is not what life is all about, work on yourself so that you would be the one that people would visit in future”.  So walking around was not an option even as a kid.
The next I should talk about are the three remarkable things I have done in my life, wow! to streamline everything to three would be powerful. The three remarkable things in my life are as follows,
1.            Ability to have a studious life: God helped me to study as if what I don’t know would hurt me, ignorance would hurt anybody. My studious life is very extra ordinary, it reflects in the number of books I buy, I can resist buying clothes and shoes just to have a book; the thing in my head is more important to me than what is on my body. The ability to embrace a studious life reflected in everything about me, even my academics, I left school with the best result during my set.
2.            The second remarkable thing that happened in my life was being transformed from a consumer of knowledge to a producer of knowledge. God helped me to author books that provoked presidents of nations to call my direct lines seeking for consulting programs for their youth. One of my books “Maximizing your youthful season” is being used as the official book for the youth reconstruction in Liberia. Also the partnership I started in Canada was established through my books.
3.            The third remarkable thing that happened to me was to have the courage to step out from the comfort zone of serving my spiritual father Bishop David Oyedepo after seven years - to the discomfort of starting my youth ministry.  A lot of people forget their vision when they see pleasure; I served under him as his personal assistant, so I lived in a house that even the kitchen was air conditioned, I had official cars assigned to me. Irrespective of all these, I took that step, and now I am a voice instead of an echo. A shark in an aquarium would remain a tilapia, because the aquarium is very small. God gave me the grace to step out from a very beautiful aquarium into the deep sea. When I left, I didn’t have enough money to start my own ministry, because the terminal benefit I received was not encouraging, consequent upon the fact that they had to withdraw both the car loan and every other loans, after which the balance remained twenty three thousand. How I started was a miracle, and today millions come into my hands every year. Never give up on your dreams!!!!
All these three things I talked about are destiny related, they powered my life. Life is a destiny adventure and not a social adventure.

TVTMagazine: Please can you introduce your book titled “Be different” and why the title?
Be Different By David Onuoha
David Onuoha: That book has produced unique people, I gave It that title because I discovered that God never made any two things to be the same. Even two leafs on a tree are not the same; stones on seashore are not the same. God is a God of variety and diversity. Monotony bores God, that’s why our faces are different; our chromosome combinations are different, because we are here to do something different. It is your area of difference that makes people to need you. If two things are the same, one must be unimportant. A lot of people imitate others; little wonder a wise man said that imitation is the womb of limitation. When you decide to imitate others, you have limited yourself, as long as the original is around, you are not needed, be the original of yourself.  You don’t need to envy anybody because we are special. I am not called to build cathedral, hence I don’t envy those who have one, I specialize on youth affairs. all these ideas intuited the title"Be Different".

TVTMagazine: Is being a writer a gift or a craft?
David Onuoha: Thank you for that wonderful question, writing is an ability God gave every man as long as you are literate and can combine A+B+C, you can write. Literacy is what qualifies you to write, so every literate person can write, it is an ability. Some persons have made up their mind to take this ability further, they don’t just write but they document. To write is to put down information, to document is to serialize your information. You need a lot of mental work to do that. That’s the difference between people who can write and first class authors. More-so, make sure your book addresses specific market of people. Don’t  write a book that has no specific customer(laughs). Be strategic in approach too.

TVTMagazine: Is there anything you find particularly challenging about your writing?
David Onuoha: It was when I started, you know every beginner is prone to struggle. When I was beginning it was challenging, because nobody from my lineage ever attempted writing. No one ever set the precedence for me. I passed through processes to ensure that my work becomes a bestselling book like passing professional editing. Challenges are not there to stop us, but it will help us build more capacities. I have a passion to raise first-generation authors and not copycats. Another challenge I faced was people transferring the content of my book without permission. I thank God that I learnt how to surmount every challenge that came my way.

TVTMagazine: How did you break into publishing?
David Onuoha: In this part of the world, there is a difference between printing and publishing, I started with self printing. When you become an established author, publishers would take your manuscript publish it, sell them and give you your royalty. When you are starting, go to a printer. printers would collect your work, charge you and afterwards you would go and market your work. I started my journey with a printer (Laughs). My first book took me seven years to write.

TVTMagazine: What advice would you give to aspiring authors?
David Onuoha: Submit yourself to training, you can’t reign in the book world if you are not trained. Train under people that have written the types of books you want to write. Training is not free; when a man is training you he impacts all his years of experience into you.

TVTMagazine: thank you very much for spending time with TVTMagazine.
David Onuoha: you are welcome.

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