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5 things your parents Failed to teach you

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I believe this is not the first time of wondering why some parents conceal some important things that would have contributed to our maturity. Most parents feel that their wards are too small to understand such things; others are also shy of teaching them that’s why they hide it. But the truth remains that they are harming our lives when they fail to teach us these things. These can make teenagers to become more curious and may end up doing evil. However in this article, I am going to stress on five important things parents fail to teach their teenage wards.

They fail to teach sex
Sex is the most indispensable topic our parents fail to teach us. In order words, they feel that we are not matured enough to be taught sex or maybe they left it for our school teachers to teach us the concept. The fact is that school itself is not teaching the concept properly.
Sometimes our parents think they are doing us good by hiding sex from us, but the truth is that they are harming us. If we are not being trained about the concept of sex, we may one day get it through the wrong source. The fact is that immorality rate of the society is rising; in the sense that pornography, sex stories are spreading even in schools. This is one of the reasons why parents need to nurture their children and give them the right mindset about sex, so that they would not fall victims to immorality.

They Hide Their Financial Status.
Do you feel angry when your parents tell you that they don’t have money? Whether your response is No, mine is yes, because they are mostly confused about their financial status. They don’t really know whether they are rich, average or poor. I want you to take a bold step and ask your parents “are we rich or poor”. They would be surprised and see it very funny, and may not even answer you because they don’t know the one to choose.

They Fail To Teach Skills
The purpose of including this point is to encourage you to go and learn skills. Some parents fail to teach their children skills. They are mostly concerned about your education rather than your skills. Going to school can only help you to be intelligent, get certificates and jobs, but skills can make you a world class CEO. When you have skills you can always make passive income

They Fail to Teach Sports
Have your parents ever told you, “let’s go and play football” or “let’s go and do some Jogging”. Most parents are only interested in watching sports and may never create time to exercise with their wards. This is not proper, because the child may end up hating sport or exercise.

They fail to teach fashion
When I see most young people dress in awkward manner, I blame it on the parents for not teaching them early enough. Sometimes I wonder why a responsible young person would have the boldness to sag his trousers even in front of his parent. Poor outfit, indecent dressing and colour combination. Etc

Anyaogu Ikechukwu is the creator of Success Incentive, He is an online entrepreneur, a blogger and a writer.

                      Now it’s your turn
I have mentioned a few things parents hide and fail to teach their children. I believe there are a lot more in your mind, pour it down by using our comment section.

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This is awesome. I all wish teenagers can read this.


Parents on their own:
Charity begins at home and not at school or church....

So for the fact that 85% of the number of parents in Nigeria lack the time of interacting with their wards and teaching them what they should know sexually and morally....their will be high rate of immorality among teenagers....

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