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Funmilade Adeyemi Declared Wanted By EFCC Has Been Arrested

5:29:00 PM
Funmilade Adeyemi who was earlier declared wanted by the EFCC, has finally been finally by the anti-graft agency.

Funmilade Adeyemi, with the fake name Prof Alexander Moses of Ghana had had so many petitions filed against him at the EFCC office, by the people he defrauded up to the tune of N27 million.
One of his victims took to her Instagram page to notify other victims of his arrest and implored them to go to the EFCC office to submit their petitions against him.
Read her post below:-
This is to all those who Funmilade Adeyemi aka Prof Alexander has defrauded! Please go and file your petition at EFFC, Ikoyi before he is granted bail… it is good they know that despite that his offence is bailable, his antecedents does not justify bail.
He needs to be restrained from defrauding more unsuspecting members of the public!. He jumped police bail in 2016 and defrauded over 60 people I know (including me) therafter. I visited EFCC at Ikoyi last Thursday, and he was brought to me from custody.
He was wearing an orange shirt and green bathroom slippers with black pant trousers. He told me it is devil’s work that has made him dupe over 60 people I know, including my humble self.
Recall I was almost jailed by my client and student in 2017 cos of the middle man role I played innocently between my student and Funmilade. Anyways, I did a petition on behalf of myself and 7 petitioners present at EFCC that day.
He defrauded us in total of 26,950 million Naira and 5000US Dollars. Note that this is not up to 1/10th of total money fraudulently obtained by Fummilade.
He was just begging us when he was brought forward and said it is devil’s work (as usual) Unfortunately, EFCC did not allow us to take phones in based on their rules.
Go and make your petition against Funmilade Adeyemi if you have one. Do so quickly!

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