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About us

TVTMagazine Africa is a great platform, whose primary goal is to disseminate reliable and quality information about Africa in order to make remarkable impart in the lives of Africans. 
 TVTMagazine Africa goes digital. After publishing paper copies since its founding in 2015, and also publishing online the same year. 

TVTmagazine Africa will become entirely digital starting with this issue; Changes in readership have led to this change in format. During the past year, TVTmagazine Africa had 871,000 page views from 522,000 readers in 70 countries, so we are eliminating the cost of paper and following our readers to where we now find them.

Our Group

TVTmagazine Africa has over 3years experience in publishing online magazines, newsletters, country supplements, industry reports and market intelligence on Africa.

Currently With over 1.6 million readers across its portfolio in more than 100 countries, our publications are the region’s undisputed market leaders. Our readers and clients represent the elite from business, political and academic circles and are people who have influence over the direction of their countries, institutions and companies.

The group combines experience and an unrivalled network in Africa. With a vastly knowledgeable and well connected editorial team spearheading our publications we guarantee that you receive only the most insightful commentary and analysis from this dynamic and extraordinary region. In addition, our specialist contributors from around Africa ensure our special monthly reports are the definitive analysis of the latest business and economic developments.

Our Vision

To offer a unique insight into African affairs, from an African perspective.

We aim to shape the African agenda by leading and influencing the conversation on African issues. We want to actively contribute to the socio-economic development of the continent through vigorous debates, insights and analysis and by connecting the dots, be it people or ideas, so that Africa has its rightful place on the world stage, challenging the status quo.

Our Mission

To produce relevant, world class, quality products & services that influence power circles and captivate its audience.


  • To publicize Africans who want to positively contribute to their community and the society at large.
  •  To Restore the dignity of Africa.

  •  To speak up against Abuse of the African Children
  •  To serve as a reliable source for information about Africa. (News, Articles and Magazines)

  • We promote and project Africans who are very logical, creative, talented, skillful, flexible, eloquent, self-aware, methodical and efficient.
  • Moreover, we serve as a link that interconnects African World wide.

we are open for partnership of any kind, as long as it does not infringe on our privacy policy.
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Core Values
  • Excellence
  •  Creativity

About Us